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Luxurious kitchen cookware with a revolutionary system of steam control and straining. Unique glass-stainless steel covers with 3 working positions: 1. NO HOLE FOR STEAM in order to reach boil quickly and warm up food while saving energy, 2. SMALL HOLE FOR STEAM for comfortable cooking without overboiling and for straining vegetables cut into small pieces, 3. LARGE HOLE FOR STRAINING potatoes and pasta and for intense boiling without overcooking. The cover can be placed in the grips; steam runs back into the vessel. With an extra thick sandwich bottom, scale for easily measuring out and grips of resistant plastic. Made of high-grade stainless steel 18/10.
Available in the following dimensions:
ø 16 cm - capacity 1,5 l
ø 18 cm - capacity 2,0 l
ø 20 cm - capacity 3,0 l
ø 24 cm - capacity 5,0 l


  • Following a purchase made on 19/02/2021 "Molto robusta è ottima la soluzione del coperchio"

  • Following a purchase made on 07/07/2021 "Il coperchio di questa linea di pentole è geniale."

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