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Product code: 779216

Exclusive kitchen cookware for professional and domestic use alike; solid manufacture and perfect finish of all details; provided with solid stainless steel grips. Extra thick three-layer sandwich bottom; made of high-grade 18/10 stainless steel; unique glass/stainless steel cover with a steam release aperture; outer surface treatment – combined matt/polish, inner surface - matt.
Available in the following dimensions:
ø 16 cm - capacity 1,5 l
ø 18 cm - capacity 2,0 l
ø 20 cm - capacity 3,0 l
ø 22 cm - capacity 4,0 l
ø 24 cm - capacity 5,0 l
ø 26 cm - capacity 6,5 l
ø 28 cm - capacity 8,5 l


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