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Catalytic lamp

Lampada catalitica Tescoma

How does a catalytic lamp work?

Cleans and adds a pleasant fragrance to air in interiors, quickly removes unpleasant smells, helps prevent infectious diseases. With a high-quality catalytic burner, cotton wick and funnel for easy filling. Made of thick-wall glass and high-quality metal. Use with Fuels for catalytic lamps FANCY HOME. Instructions for use enclosed.

How to use the catalytic lamp Tescoma Fancy Home

Remove the protective crown and extinguishing cap and remove the catalytic burner with cotton wick from the container. Place the funnel inside the neck of the container and pour in Fuel for catalytic lamps Fancy Home in amount not exceeding 200 ml. Place the cotton wick with catalytic burner back in to the container, set the extinguishing cap on the leave the wick to soak in the fuel for at least 20 minutes. Light the catalytic burner and leave the lamp to burn for 2 minutes. Blow the flame: the catalytic reaction will be initiated and the lamp begin to operate. Set the protective crown onto the lamp and leave the lamp to operate for 20 to 30 minutes. Remove the protective crown from the lamp and set the extinguishing cap and protective crown back on.

Lampada catalitica funzionamento

The Catalytic lamp Tescoma Fancy Hom is available in three colors:
choose your favourite one!

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