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Universal dough press

A smart tool for making passatelli, potato gnocchi, churros and porras at home.

Just make the dough, fill the reservoir with a pressing disc or spout, turn the handle and cut the passatelli to the desired length. The press comes with two pressing discs for passatelli, two more for churros and porras, and two nozzles for gnocchi and doughnuts.


Two pressing disks for thin passatelli and straining of potatoes and traditional passatelli.

Potato gnocchi

Remove the plug from the disk for gnocchi and prepare two long strips, dividing them into the required size and cook them.


For small and large churros: prepare a dough without lumps and cut about 10 cm long churros and fry until golden brown. Serve with hot chocolate.


Put the plug into the disk for gnocchi, cut doughnuts into oil heated to a high temperature and fry until golden brown..

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