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The cream whipper is a small, useful tool which helps you whip cream and decorate directly from the same tool, as if it was a decorating bag. It comes with 4 nozzles, 3 for decorating and one for filling. Thanks to the silicone seal, it does not leak, neither when you whip the cream nor when you turn the whipper upside down for decorating.

Instructions for use:

Insert the container with the closure on into the holder (1). Pour 250 ml whipping cream – 33% fat into the container up to the “MAX” mark (2). Place the assembled whipper shaft into the container and put the cap onto the container (3). Move the whipper shaft intensely up and down for about 1 minute until the cream has the required thickness (4). Move the handle to the upper position, pull gently upwards and rotate clockwise. (5). The whipping disks and the full disk will connect (6). Remove the closure from the cream whipper and screw on the chosen decorating or filling nozzle (7). Bring the decorator above a food and decorate or fill the food with cream by slowly pressing the handle (8). Slightly turn the handle counter-clockwise after using up all cream – the disks will disconnect (9).

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