The loyalty program – also called  “Fidelity Card” – promoted by Tescoma SpA located in Cazzago San Martino (BS), Traversa Caduti del Lavoro 3, tax code 01873360984, VAT number 03471750178 is subjected to the present guidelines and allows for the Card owner to take part in the loyalty program on www.tescomaonline.com (from now on called website). According to the provisions of law, Tescoma SpA reserves the right to modify – integrally or partially – the present guidelines at any time, and/or temporarily or permanently suspend the loyalty program with prior notice to the customers, according to the procedure, except for the rights acquired by the owners of a Fidelity Card.

The loyalty program is addressed uniquely to the customers who have attained the age of 18 and owning a Fidelity Card.
The Fidelity Card is virtual and can be activated online exclusively by the subscribers of the website www.tescomaonline.com who have filled in all the required fields.
The Fidelity Card can be activated after subscribing to the website and allows for collecting points – after its activation – according to the loyalty program.
Orders placed before the activation do not entitle to collecting points.
The Fidelity Card is free, personal and non transferable.
Each user is entitled to activate just one Fidelity Card (e-mail account used for logging in is an evidence).
The Fidelity Card is not intended as a payment method.
The Fidelity Card expires on the 30/06/2023, after that, all unused reward points will be cancelled automatically.
By cancelling a customer’s account, the Fidelity Card and the unused reward points will be cancelled and cannot be redeemed in any way whatsoever.

Points are collected exclusively when logged in, by placing orders on the website.
The Fidelity Card assigns 1 point for every 1€ spent on the website after deduction of rebates, shipping costs and/or cash on delivery cost.
Decimal places will be rounded down.
Points are collected by purchasing any products – even promotion goods and those on sale – and Gift Cards; they will be credited and made visible under reserve in the customer’s personal area, once the order status is updated by the system as “delivered”.
5 points will be credited as a welcome bonus when the Fidelity Card is first activated.
By placing an order on their birthday, customers will get an extra bonus of 10 points.
In case of return for withdrawal and/or refund, the points derived from that purchase will be cancelled.
In any case points cannot be converted into money or other goods.

Thresholds and discounts
250 points: the user will be entitled to a discount of -15%
350 points: the user will be entitled to a discount of  -20%
500 points: the user will be entitled to a discount of -25%
Collected points entitle to a discount which can be redeemed for purchasing goods from the website, belonging to the same product category of those previously purchased.
The user can decide to redeem the discount corresponding to the first threshold, or keep collecting points in order to reach the next threshold and redeem a bigger discount.
A partial use of collected points is not possible and neither is the request of reactivation of expired unredeemed points.
Goods purchased using a discount from the loyalty program entitle to collect points as well as standard purchases.
Such collected points cannot be transferred to third parties or converted into money or goods, unless expressly specified by the present guidelines.
Tescoma SpA reserves the right to suspend, invalidate and/or inhibit points collected from illicit or fraudulent use of the Fidelity Card.
Each order confirmation e-mail will report the points collected from the single transaction, whereas the points balance can be checked at any time by logging in the user’s personal area.

Please see: https://www.tescomaonline.com/it/pagine/garanzie/privacy.html